Requiem for Rhodesia

By Carlos Whitlock Porter, read original article here The Rhodesian Railways train stops for water in the desert. Crowds of ragged Africans mob the train, running hysterically to any white face in the window. “Please one penny, baasjie (bossie), please give me just one penny”, whimpers a filthy child with a swollen belly and bonyContinue reading “Requiem for Rhodesia”

White on White Massacre: The Istanbul Pogrom

By İlker Yaman, We Love Istanbul, read the original article here We all know that the change of the name from Constantinople to Istanbul in 1930 was significant. Ataturk was showing the West that the newly founded Turkish Republic was different than Ottoman Empire as day and night, while he was trying to arrest his people attention to the fact that itContinue reading “White on White Massacre: The Istanbul Pogrom”

What I Learned in Kindergarten

By Nancy Jennings, American Renaissance, read original article here In the late 1980s, I was in my early 20s just finishing my bachelor’s degree in education at Emory University. At that time, I discovered a book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, a series of tongue-in-cheek lessons on living by Robert Fulghum.Continue reading “What I Learned in Kindergarten”

The Politics of Mental Retardation: A Tail of the Bell Curve

From the La Griffe du Lion blog, read original article here The life of a diversicrat is disagreeable. He is surrounded by irritants. Of them, he finds none more unsettling than race, particularly racial differences. He confronts them daily, on the athletic field, in the classroom, in the workplace and on the street. Most pricklyContinue reading “The Politics of Mental Retardation: A Tail of the Bell Curve”

Racial Differences in Morality and Abstract Thinking

By Gedaliah Braun, American Renaissance, read original article here I am an American who taught philosophy in several African universities from 1976 to 1988, and have lived since that time in South Africa. When I first came to Africa, I knew virtually nothing about the continent or its people, but I began learning quickly. I noticed, for example,Continue reading “Racial Differences in Morality and Abstract Thinking”

The Case for Latinizing the Arabic Language

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world with 315 million native speakers and may well be the lingua franca, or vehicular language, of the White world if it were to unite to form a single country. It’s true that Arabic is sub-divided into many distinct dialects but in all Arabic speakingContinue reading “The Case for Latinizing the Arabic Language”

Nordic Europeans Aren't True Whites

Actually, northern and central Europeans, who make up the vast majority of Europeans, aren’t true whites like Turks, Berbers or Arabs. This might sound strange; after all, how are Middle Easterners more ‘white’ than the fairer complex Europeans? Well, ‘white’ is the generic term for the ‘Caucasian race’; there is no actual such race asContinue reading “Nordic Europeans Aren't True Whites”

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