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What is Kritarchy?

The most distinctive contribution of Africa to human history has been precisely in the civilized art of living reasonably peacefully without a state. -Jean-Francois Bayart (1989:58) Kritarchy is an ideal legal and political system most closely approximated in the institutional structures of traditional societies, especially those described by anthropologists as “acephalous,” “polycentric,” or “stateless.” Such societiesContinue reading “What is Kritarchy?”

Do Southern Europeans Share the Same Ancestry as Northern Europeans?

The common belief is that Western Europeans all share the same ancestry. It is true that the majority of Western Europeans share the same Haplogroup, R1b, spanning the entirety of the west of the continent from the Scottish Highlands to the tip of Gibraltar in Spain, from Ireland to much of the Italian peninsula. AContinue reading “Do Southern Europeans Share the Same Ancestry as Northern Europeans?”

Demokratik Anadolu Cumhuriyeti(*)

Originally posted on Umuda Yolculuk:
94. yıl sonra bir devlet en temel, yapısal sorunlarını aşamamışsa, üstelik, söz konusu tarihin bütün fay hatlarında çok sert kırılmalar yaşanıyorsa, ebediyete intikal zamanı gelmiş demektir. Hepimiz büyük bir sefaletle yüz yüze olduğumuzun farkındayız. Hiç bir milliyetçi palavra, siyasi manüplasyon bu sefaleti örtmeye yetmiyor. Sefaletin kaynağında ekonomik, siyasi, bilimsel, kültürel…

Barcelona installs Spain’s first solar energy pavement

Photovoltaic ground installation part of move to increase capacity close to where it’s most needed, in cities Barcelona city council has installed Spain’s first photovoltaic pavement as part of the city’s drive to become carbon neutral by 2050. The 50 sq metres of non-slip solar panels, installed in a small park in the Glòries areaContinue reading “Barcelona installs Spain’s first solar energy pavement”

What’s a Brushless Drill, and Do You Need One?

Originally posted on Mare Nostrum:
Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. Cordless drills with brushless motors came on the scene just within the last decade and quickly gained ground on traditional brushed models. Now they make up 30 to 50 percent of the cordless drill market. “They’re also the fastest-growing…