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Abortion is a right in Italy. For many women, getting one is nearly impossible

By Kara Fox and Valentina Di Donato, CNN, read original article here Rome (CNN) – In a sparsely decorated hospital room in central Rome, 29-year-old Emma waits quietly on her bed for the day to pass – her deep brown eyes staring into the middle distance, illuminated by the marigold hues of the early spring sun. Floors above, womenContinue reading “Abortion is a right in Italy. For many women, getting one is nearly impossible”

Miscegenation & The Suffering It Causes

By Esau Today (anonymous blogger), read the original article here Miscegenation is one of those topics that you just can’t bring up since it’s so controversial, and we don’t want to upset or offend our friends and family. But more important than the uncomfortable feeling we get when speaking of such taboo subjects is the overall well-being our friendsContinue reading “Miscegenation & The Suffering It Causes”

There’s no excuse for abuse

By Simone Azzopardi, Times of Malta, read the original article here The commission on gender-based violence and domestic violence is aware that good legislation against domestic violence that came into force in 2018, has to go hand in hand with the implementation of policy and strengthening of services. Moreover, the need to address gender equalityContinue reading “There’s no excuse for abuse”

White on White Massacre: The Istanbul Pogrom

By İlker Yaman, We Love Istanbul, read the original article here We all know that the change of the name from Constantinople to Istanbul in 1930 was significant. Ataturk was showing the West that the newly founded Turkish Republic was different than Ottoman Empire as day and night, while he was trying to arrest his people attention to the fact that itContinue reading “White on White Massacre: The Istanbul Pogrom”

The Case for Latinizing the Arabic Language

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world with 315 million native speakers and may well be the lingua franca, or vehicular language, of the White world if it were to unite to form a single country. It’s true that Arabic is sub-divided into many distinct dialects but in all Arabic speakingContinue reading “The Case for Latinizing the Arabic Language”