What if Turkey and Azerbaijan united?

A strong sentiment of brotherhood exists between these two Turkic nations unlike any other two nations in the world. It doesn’t matter that one is a majority Sunni and the other is a majority Shia Muslim country, what matters is the shared heritage and sense of ethnic kinship between Turkey and Azerbaijan. And the twoContinue reading “What if Turkey and Azerbaijan united?”

Sokrates’in Savunması/Platon — MİNİMALİST BİR OKUR

PLATON KİMDİR? Platon,İslam Dünyasın da Eflatun olarak biline Aristoteles’in hocası,Sokrates’in öğrencisidir.Yunan filozofu ve aynı zamanda matematikçidir. Atina’da Akademi’nin kurucusudur.Platon’un Yunanistan’a bıraktığı miras da denilebilir.Batı felsefesinin başlangıcında ki ilk önemli filozoflardandır. Antik çağ yunan felsefesinde mukabil düşünceci (idealist) felsefesi Platon ile zirveye çıkmıştır.Eserlerinde diyaloglar halinde yazı biçimini oluşturan Platon’un baş karakteri her zaman Sokrates olmuştur.Bizler Sokrates’i […]Continue reading “Sokrates’in Savunması/Platon — MİNİMALİST BİR OKUR”

Democracies are worse than Monarchies

By Colonel Nogov, Abolish Government Now, read original article here Most people who live in democracies today thumb their nose at monarchies of the past believing themselves much more enlightened today.  I, on the other hand, think the people today are much more ignorant and less enlightened then their earlier counterparts. People in democracies todayContinue reading “Democracies are worse than Monarchies”

Anarchism, Minarchism, and the Libertarian Label

By Cjay Engel, Bastion Magazine, read original article here Let me start here with an overview of the situation as I conceive it. I find that the common articulation of the anarchist/minarchist divide is too simplistic. One way of expressing this simplistic articulation is this: “anarchists are against government and minarchists want a limited government.”Continue reading “Anarchism, Minarchism, and the Libertarian Label”

Escape from Baghdad!: Saad Hossain’s New Satire of the Iraq War

Originally posted on Longreads:
Saad Hossain | Escape from Baghdad! | Unnamed Press | March 2015 | 23 minutes (6,311 words) ? Below are the opening chapters of the novel Escape from Baghdad!, by Saad Hossain, as recommended by Longreads contributor Dana Snitzky. * * * A NOTE ON THE GLOSSARY AT THE END There is a glossary of mostly…


By the World Heritage Encyclopedia, published on Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press, read original article here Minarchism (also known as minimal statism) is a political philosophy and a form of libertarianism. It is variously defined by sources. In the strictest sense, it holds that states ought to exist (as opposed to anarchy), that their only legitimate function is the protection of individuals from aggression, theft, breach ofContinue reading “MINARCHISM”

What Is A Minarchist? An Intro To The Night Watchman State

By Austin Petersen, The Libertarian Rebel, read original article here Minarchism, or the belief in a “night watchman” state, is a term to describe a sect of libertarianism which advocates for a minimal government, dedicated solely to the protection of individual rights. In this libertarian republic, there would be constrained government power, minimal spending, and minimal levelsContinue reading “What Is A Minarchist? An Intro To The Night Watchman State”

The Land Question, Why Buying A Home Matters

By SPQR, Defend Europa, read original article here One in three UK millennials will never own a home and half of them will still be renting in their 40s. In the US, home ownership under 35 is still at a low compared to the last 20 years. Other European nations seem to be showing similar trends, millennials areContinue reading “The Land Question, Why Buying A Home Matters”

Abortion is a right in Italy. For many women, getting one is nearly impossible

By Kara Fox and Valentina Di Donato, CNN, read original article here Rome (CNN) – In a sparsely decorated hospital room in central Rome, 29-year-old Emma waits quietly on her bed for the day to pass – her deep brown eyes staring into the middle distance, illuminated by the marigold hues of the early spring sun. Floors above, womenContinue reading “Abortion is a right in Italy. For many women, getting one is nearly impossible”

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