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Upcoming Article ‘The Atlantid Race: Who the Original Brits Were and the Making of the Modern British Peoples’

Newgrange in Ireland

Publishing on Monday.

Here are some sneak peak excerpts from the upcoming article:

Today, over 90% of Brits are descended from the Bell Beaker peoples through their paternal lineage, but the indigenous peoples of the British Isles are largely survived through the maternal lineage of modern Brits, with approximately 15% WHG and no less than 70% EEF.

The subsequent Bell Beaker Culture wasn’t borne from the Yamnaya but from an Iberian people who adopted the nomadic lifestyle of their Yamnaya counterparts, thus allowing them to spread their Bell Beaker Culture and Proto-Celtic language, but not their genetics. So as the Northwest European variant of the R1b Haplogroup was from neither the Yamnaya nor the Iberians, it could only be from a third, distinct population: an EEF population that adopted the Bell Beaker lifestyle and began spreading eastward, pushing back the Yamnaya people and intermixing with their women, thereby acquiring their Nordic genetics, before crossing the Dover Strait into the British Isles.

There is a strong indication of the languages spoken by the British EEF being survived as a substratum of the Insular Celtic languages. […] the indigenous language(s) spoken in the British Isles […] was brought to the British Isles from Neolithic seafarers from the Iberian peninsula who in turn were descended from seafarers from the Middle East; this contact between the British Isles and mainly the Iberian Peninsula but also the Maghreb and the western French coast continued at least until the early Bronze Age


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