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Do We Really Need Municipal Governments?

Do we need a municipal government? Don’t we need a municipal government to provide public transport, maintain our roads and squares, clean our streets and to provide and maintain street and traffic lights? No, actually we don’t need a municipal government for any of that! Furthermore, we don’t need government at any level; municipal, regional,Continue reading “Do We Really Need Municipal Governments?”

New book from Baskın Oran on minorities in Turkey

Agos columnist Baskın Oran’s new book entitled “Minorities and Minority Rights in Turkey: From the Ottoman Empire to the Present State” has been released. Baskın Oran, a columnist for Agos since 2000, has been working and writing on minorities and minority rights in Turkey for many years. His new book has been released by LynneContinue reading “New book from Baskın Oran on minorities in Turkey”

ReBlogging ‘Divine angelic Dreams 💜’ – Link Below — Relationship Insights by Yernasia Quorelios

What does it mean when you dream of a murderer? The hidden meaning of dreaming about a murderer suggests an important aspect of your life has been snatched away from you. This sudden change has caused you to be restless and in stress. According to the dream, you are in dire need of peace. The […]Continue reading “ReBlogging ‘Divine angelic Dreams 💜’ – Link Below — Relationship Insights by Yernasia Quorelios”

The Armenian Genocide in Kurdish Collective Memory

Within the Kurdish public sphere in Turkey a scattered and fragmented recollection of the Armenian genocide has been transformed over the last 30 years into an increasingly conscious and explicit confrontation with the past. The extermination of Armenians—an inaugural episode of state violence at the foundation of the country—continues to be denied officially. In contrast,Continue reading “The Armenian Genocide in Kurdish Collective Memory”

The Laz people’s mission to save their language from extinction

There could be anything between 30,000 to 200,000 speakers of Lazuri, the language of the modern Laz people. The majority of them still live in the historical region of Rize, in Turkey. Hundreds of years ago, there was a kingdom stretching from the west of what is today Georgia all the way to Russia’s Sochi andContinue reading “The Laz people’s mission to save their language from extinction”