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Peace in Cyprus – My Proposal

Mare Nostrum

Please note this proposal is just a draft and you are welcome to suggest your own revisions or proposals in the Comments section below.

In my proposal, Cyprus will be a federation of two states, based loosely the United States model. The two states will consist of the existing states of Northern Cyprus and the Greek majority southern Cyprus.

Northern and southern Cyprus. The light yellow is Northern Cyprus, the white is southern Cyprus and the dark yellow are the British military bases.

There will be right of return for all communities with no limit. Greek Cypriots will be permitted to form a collective of interspersed, Autonomous Districts consisting of villages, districts and neighbourhoods where they form a majority and Turkish Cypriots can form an Autonomous Districts in their communities, respectively in Northern and Southern Cyprus. Additionally, Maronite and Armenian Cypriots can form Autonomous Districts spanning both the States. All…

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