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MP Yusra Recep: Iraqi constitution grants autonomy to Shengal

Iraqi parliamentarian Yusra Recep said that the people of Shengal have the right to autonomy and to protect themselves according to the Iraqi constitution.

Iraqi MP Yusra Recep and a delegation visited the Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) and the tent action which protests the deal between Turkey-Iraq-Hewlêr. The demonstrators have been carrying out the tent action for more than 4 months under the motto “We are all Asayish” to denounce the deal between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Turkey and Iraq. The demonstrators conveyed their demands to the Iraqi delegation at the meeting.

Yusra Recep spoke to ANF about their visit and said that the demands of the people of Shengal must be accepted as soon as possible.


Recep emphasized that the people of Shengal do not want the forces that escaped from Shengal because the people have no trust in these forces.

“The people want democratic autonomy and status for Shengal. These demands are also in line with the Iraqi law. The people of Shengal are also Iraqi citizens. Therefore, the demands of the activists are legitimate. I support them. Because no other force can protect them better than their own military forces.”

According to Recep, the Iraqi government should allocate a budget for the rebuilding of Shengal. “We should resolve all our problems within ourselves. We will be with the people of Shengal to the end.”


TAJÊ member Emşe Şengali stated that they demanded the delegation to make their voices heard. Şengali said they will not leave the Shengal lands to anyone. Moreover, they will not accept any external forces coming to Shengal territory. She emphasized that they do not forget how the Iraqi and Peshmerga forces fled during the ISIS onslaught.

Şengali remarked that they have no faith in any force except YBŞ, YJŞ and Êzidîxan Asayish. “YBŞ, YJŞ and Êzidîxan Asayish should be recognized by the Iraqi government. We can protect ourselves. Where were the Iraqi forces while thousands of women and children were kidnapped by ISIS gangs? Now they are attacking us with their military forces,” she said.

The TAJÊ member emphasized that they have been resisting for 7 years since the attack of ISIS gangs. She expressed that the Iraqi government should accept their demand for democratic autonomy.  

“We have the right to protect ourselves and self-defense. The YBŞ, YJŞ and the Êzidîxan Asayish are the only forces protecting Shengal. Our demands should be met,” she added.

ANF News, watch videos and read article from original source here


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