Spanish firm pioneers bladeless wind turbines

A Madrid-based green energy company is pioneering the use of bladeless windfarms to harness wind energy.

Created by startup Vortex Bladeless, the 3m-high cylindrical turbines are designed to oscillate within the wind range, generating electricity from the vibration.

The bladeless design recently won the approval of Norway’s state energy company Equinor, which named Vortex on a list of the 10 most exciting startups in the energy sector. It will also offer the firm development support through its tech accelerator programme.

Vortex Bladeless inventor David Yáñez told The Guardian that the firm is “not against traditional windfarms” but its technology “has different characteristics which can help to fill the gaps where traditional windfarms might not be appropriate”.

This could include urban and residential areas where there is limited space to build traditional windfarms and where reduced visual impact would be welcome. According to Yáñez the main benefit of the technology is “in reducing its environmental impact, its visual impact, and the cost of operating and maintaining the turbine”.

Meanwhile another startup, Alpha 311, which began in Kent, has manufactured a small vertical wind turbine that it claims can generate electricity without wind.

Made from recycled plastic, the 2m turbine is designed to fit on to existing streetlights and generate electricity as passing cars displace the air.

Independent research commissioned by the company has found that each turbine installed along a motorway could generate as much electricity as 20m2 of solar panels. This would be enough electricity to keep the streetlight on and help power the local energy grid.

A scaled down 1m version of the turbine will be installed at the O2 Arena in London to generate clean electricity for those visiting the entertainment venue.

By Catherine Kennedy, New Civil Engineer, read article from original source here

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