Nordic Europeans Aren't True Whites [Updated 26.01.21]

Mare Nostrum

Actually, northern and central Europeans, who make up the vast majority of Europeans, aren’t true whites like Turks, Berbers or Arabs. This might sound strange; after all, how are Middle Easterners more ‘white’ than the fairer complex Europeans? Well, ‘white’ is the generic term for the ‘Caucasian race’; there is no actual such race as ‘white’, any more than there is a ‘brown’ race, or a ‘yellow’ race.

According to a study, Europeans are less white the more northerly they are, with Southern Europeans being the most white. Northern Europeans have more Mongoloid genetics with Southern Europeans having more African admixture.1 North Africans and Arabians have a higher concentration of African admixture. 2

Having African admixture doesn’t mean these white populations race-mixed with sub-Saharan Africans. Caucasians and Negroids likely had a common ancestor. An archaic Caucasian skull from 300,000 years ago was found in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco,3 predating…

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