Kurdish politicians call on KDP and Iraqi Government to show respect for Yazidi autonomy

The KDP and Iraqi government must show respect for the Autonomous Administration of the Yazidi people and their defence forces established after the defeat of ISIS who invaded Şengal in 2015 forcing the population to flee.

The Yazidis who have suffered numerous historical onslaughts formed their own self defence forces and Autonomous Administration in order to prevent such a recurrence of attacks against the Yazidis of Şengal ever again.

Central Committee member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Gulestan Atti has reportedly called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to respect the will of the Yazidi people.

“Şengal people have suffered from woes throughout history, especially in 2014, but they were able to organise themselves, protect their people, and establish their administration and military force. The KRG must respect the will of the Yazidi people, because that force was formed from the region.”

The KDP, who abandoned the Yazidis in August 2014 when ISIS attacked, announced in October, an agreement with the Iraqi federal government to re-impose control over the Şengal region which has seen protests from Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan not only against the agreement with the Iraqi government but also of the KDP’s alliances with Turkey in regards to attacks in the Medya defence regions. Kurdish politicians have also reportedly spoken out.

Kamiran Kanjo of the Kurdish Left Party in the Euphrates region also stated that it was not right for the governments of Iraq and KRG to now impose control on these areas and destroy the Autonomous Administration of the Yazidis.

He called on the KRG not interfere of the internal affairs of the Yazidis and to stop cooperating with the forces who are trying to exterminate the Kurdish people. He concluded “Kurdish people must protect each other instead of cooperating with the Turkish enemy.”

Medyanews, read article from original source here

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