Petition @ Recognise Artsakh

Mare Nostrum

Petition to European Parliament, Russian Parliament, United States Congress and Parliament of Armenia.

On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan initiated a pre -orchestrated massive offensive against Nagorno Karabakh. Nagorno Karabakh (also called Rrepublic of Artsakh) is a small region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, inhabited by ethnical Armenians. Now, Ilham Aliev (the president of Azerbaijan) supported by the Turkish president Erdogan started to kill civilians there in an attempt to conquer this land. In order to understand the urgency for independence of Artsakh it is important to mention the history.

Nagorno Karabakh or the Republic of Artsakh is historically Armenian land where Armenians have lived for thousands of years (e.g. in 189 BC it became the tenth province of the Kingdom of Armenia). But after the World War I when communists Russia re-conquered the Caucusus, the Bolshevikc party decided to make it a part of newly established Azerbaijan republic realizing the so-called…

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