Patition @ Protect Armenian Cultural & Historical Sites in Artsakh

Mariana Papazian started this petition to ICCROM: The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Prope and OWHC: The Organization of World Heritage Cities

On November 10, Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan have signed a joint statement to end the war in Artsakh, that was going on for more than 40 days. This deal has forced Armenia to surrender to Azerbaijan most of the territories they had in Artsakh (their indigenous land for thousands of years). During the war, we had received many videos of Azerbaijani soldiers destroying cultural Armenian monuments while capturing cities, and the worldwide Armenian community is now concerned that when the Government of Azerbaijan get full control of the territories conceded in the deal, they will continue the policy of cultural genocide, the same way their fellow friends, Turks, did after the Armenian genocide, in cities like Ani. We are creating a list of all the monuments, churches, and cultural sites on the territories that will now be part of Azerbaijani rule, and we urge the protection of UNESCO and other parties, to avoid it’s destruction because this would be a loss for the whole humanity since Armenia is one of the first nations in the world and its cultural heritage is priceless. 

Azerbaijan already destroyed the ancient and very important cemetery of Julfa in Nakhichevan, nothing will stop them from doing it again in Artsakh.

There are more than 60 monuments in the region that need your protection.
Please act. 

Link to petition below:

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