Petition @ Recognise Artsakh

Petition to European Parliament, Russian Parliament, United States Congress and Parliament of Armenia.

On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan initiated a pre -orchestrated massive offensive against Nagorno Karabakh. Nagorno Karabakh (also called Rrepublic of Artsakh) is a small region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, inhabited by ethnical Armenians. Now, Ilham Aliev (the president of Azerbaijan) supported by the Turkish president Erdogan started to kill civilians  there in an attempt to conquer this land. In order to understand the urgency for independence of Artsakh it is important to mention the history.

Nagorno Karabakh or the Republic of Artsakh is historically Armenian land where Armenians have lived for thousands of years (e.g. in 189 BC it became the tenth province of the Kingdom of Armenia). But after the World War I when communists Russia re-conquered the Caucusus, the Bolshevikc party decided to make it a part of newly established Azerbaijan republic realizing the so-called “divide and conquer” approach. For 75 years, the people of Artsakh felt oppressed in Azerbaijan not being allowed to use their own language, to practisce their religion etc. When the Soviet Union was about to collapse the people of Artsakh voted to become independent from Azerbaijan and to join Armenia, which was absolutely legal according to the constitution of that time. The Azerbaijani government responded by initiating  a punitive operation against civilians which led to a war between Azerbaijan and Artsakh backed by Armenia. As a result of the war, Artsakh became de-facto an independent republic however not recognized by the international community.

 This war was not finished, only a cease fire agreement was signed, after which regular skirmishes initiated by Azerbaijan afflicted the border.

But this time it is much worse. The Azerbaijani army uses military drones to target the civilians of Artsakh. Furthermore, Azerbaijan uses  cluster munition which is internationally prohibited, and bombs churches. On top of that, Turkey sends mercenaries from Syria and Libya to fight with the people of Artsakh. All this makes us realize:

1. This is no longer a war for territory. This is a war between civilization and international terrorism.

2. Ilham Aliev and Erdogan try to finish the Armenian Genocide which was started 100 years ago.

3. When Aliev promises that he wants people of Artsakh to live in piece in Azerbaijan it is a lie.

From all these facts we see only one solution: Artsakh must me immediately recognized as an independent nation. This is not only the right of these people, this is the only opportunity for them to survive!!!

Artsakh must be a free land!

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