Nordic Europeans: Racial Lemmings?

I have concluded my article ‘Nordic Europeans Aren’t True Whites‘ with this last paragraph:

Northern Europeans have more egalitarian minds than southern Europeans. This mindstate may have been a survival mechanism for the ANE in the unforgiving habitat of northern Eurasia, but in the modern world it serves no other purpose but to drive them to voluntary extinction. Evidenced by their political history, northern Europeans gravitate towards Socialism. Their financial foreign aid have helped populations of lower IQ races unable to sustain themselves to explode; these populations would otherwise dwindle if left to their own devices. They also bring these lower IQ races to their countries en masse. A prime example is Britain where the demographics are shifting towards these races and the natives are projected to become a minority by the end of the 21st Century. Betrayed simply by their natural disposition to altruistic suicide as part of the process of natural selection, the Nordic, followed closely by the Alpine, Europeans will gradually drive themselves to extinction

The video below by a British nationalist Youtuber Laura Towler exemplifies the point I make in that last paragraph:

To feel empathy for others is without doubt a good thing, but herein lies the problem; Empathy is divided into two types: Cognitive empathy and Emotional empathy. Cognitive empathy is a form of emotional intelligence, while emotional empathy is based purely on emotion. The type of empathy being discussed here, as presented in Laura Towler’s video, is emotional empathy. This would suggest that Nordic Europeans are a race of low emotional stability, which would explain why Nordic Europeans are the most violent race, and it should be noted that nearly all Afro-Caribbeans and African Americans have a degree of Nordic European ancestry, unlike Africans who are less likely to commit violent crime than the two former groups. Here is a useful quote from a webpage on empathy:

Too much emotion or feeling can be unhelpful. As our page on Managing Emotions explains, emotions are very primitive. Feeling strong emotions, especially distress, takes us back to childhood. More or less by definition, that makes us less able to cope, and certainly less able to think and apply reason to the situation. It is very hard to help anyone else if you are overcome by your own emotions.

European empathy has allowed for the demographic replacement largely in Western Europe, but then why do Eastern European countries remain 99% ‘White’? Is it because these countries are less desirable to immigrants than Western European countries? No. These countries, just like Western European countries, are highly desirable destinations for immigrants coming from poorer parts of the world. Since 2014, Poland has seen immigration from India, China and Vietnam, but immigration to Poland remains mainly from other European countries and relatively small and only picking up as a result of labour shortages.

There seems to be a correlation between the demographic transition that Western Europe is gradually undergoing and cultural sociology. Western Europe is the most individualist part of the world while Eastern Europe shifts towards collectivism. Here is an excerpt from an article on the individualist-collectivist paradigms among world cultures:

East Europe refers to nations dominated by Soviet communism (but where shared cultural influences pre-date communist rule). Nations included in the East European cluster include Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Albania, Poland, Greece, Slovenia and Georgia. East Europe has higher scores for Being Orientation, Gender Egalitarianism, Collectivism, Future Orientation, and Restraint, and lower scores for Uncertainty Avoidance. The cluster is low on Collectivism and Power Distance compared with Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, but higher in comparison with West Europe.

East Asia, it should be noted, is highly collectivist. Unlike Europe, none of the East Asian countries are undergoing a demographic shift and Japan and South Korea, despite the heavily aging populations in both countries, are only reluctantly taking in immigrants and they are mainly from countries where racial and cultural distance from their own populations are relatively small. There is major backlash against the Asian and European peoples’ presence in Africa, where collectivism is also high, notably in South Africa and Zimbabwe, yet in Western Europe immigrants from Africa and South Asia are viewed and beneficiary to their societies. The United States prides itself as a ‘nation of immigrants’ while there is an ever growing East Asian presence in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Collectivism is frowned upon in right-wing, pro-market circles, but it shouldn’t be. Individualism is an assertion of personal independence and aspirations, but collectivism is a willingness to cooperate within communities to create societies. A society doesn’t have to be individualism-oriented to prosper and innovate, as proven by the collectivist East Asian societies such as Japan and China.

Collectivist communities are more likely to be disturbed by demographic replacement as it uproots what they hold in common, such as values, cultural and genetic kinship, thus it has a distasteful appeal in Eastern Europe and much of the rest of the world. The reason for the individualist-collectivist orientation in Europe remains unknown, but is more likely to be cultural rather than genetic/evolutionary. The egalitarian, empathetic (‘there is only one race, the human race’, ‘they come here for a better life’) and individualist (‘migrants enrich us’, ‘they do the jobs we don’t want to do’) combination of Western Nordic European populations is a recipe for self destruction.


Britton, Nadia Joanne. Student Handbook of Criminal Justice and Criminology. p. 82.

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