Abortion Rights Are Human Rights

By Terry O’Neill, Huffpost, read original article here As I’ve written here before, when I talk about abortion I call it abortion care — because that’s what it is. Abortion is essential, effective medical care. During the debate over health care reform, we often heard that health care is a basic human right. That’s trueContinue reading “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights”

An introduction to minarchism

By Rob Miller, Homeland Stupidity, read original article here Minarchism, sometimes known as “minimal statism”, is a governmental framework that aims to keep government as small as possible and places an emphasis on constrained government power, minimal spending and minimal levels of intervention. Minarchism is in keeping with liberal tradition and has won particular favourContinue reading “An introduction to minarchism”

Nordic Europeans Aren’t True Whites – Part 2

To recap from my previous article ‘Nordic Europeans Aren’t True Whites’, the first indigenous Europeans, a black-skinned Caucasians, migrated into Europe from North Africa c. 200,000 years ago. The Mesolithic Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers (EHG), who inhabited an area east of the Baltic Sea, possessed the two genes responsible for pale skin, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2S, 1Continue reading “Nordic Europeans Aren’t True Whites – Part 2”

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