The Odin's Cross Cannot be a White Nationalist symbol. Here is why.

The Odin’s Cross, a well known symbol of White Nationalism, is often mistaken for the Celtic cross, another symbol of distinct design and meaning. As its’ name suggests, the Odin’s Cross represents the Germanic-Nordic god Odin (also called Woden) who is revered as the chief god and the god of war and victory in the pagan religion of the ancient Norse and Germans. Although it resembles a cross it is actually supposed to be a wheel symbolising the turning of life, into death.

It is true that Germanic mythology has influenced contemporary European culture. However, Odin’s Cross cannot be a White Nationalist symbol for two core reasons; the first is that it is derived from Nordic Europe, and Nordic Europeans are already anthropologically proven not to be true Whites; for that reason, using a cultural symbol of Nordic Europeans for White Nationalism would make little sense. The second reason is its’ uninclusivity; it does strongly resemble a Christian cross (probably the reason it is contemporarily used by many White Nationalists, because of the notion that Christianity=Europe=White.) Not all Whites are from Europe and not all Whites are Christian. The Odin’s Cross would be uninclusive not only to Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Berbers etc., who would undoubtedly view the cross as a symbol of Christianity and the West and would consequently reject White Nationalism as an ideology of cultural imperialism, but would also be uninclusive to non-religious groups, such as Atheists. For obvious reasons, we would never use he Crescent moon of Nanna as a symbol of White Nationalism. Various other symbols representing White culture, history and heritage can be used instead, such as the Star of Ishtar, the Armenian eternity sign or the symbol of Tanit, to name a few.

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