The Dangers of Empathy: Louisa & Maren’s Murder

By Borna, Defend Europa, read original article here

misguided empathy kills

Louisa and Maren were their names. They were both students, 24 and 28 years old respectively. They had almost finished their studies. Their lives were ahead of them…

By now you have probably heard of what happened, and are aware that there is a video. And in this article I will explain why it is necessary for all of us to watch it.

These two girls were fed a poison from birth. That poison was multiculturalism and misguided empathy. Ethnocentric empathy: the kind that presupposes that all people are like your own people. Everyone is good, everyone is just. No one is really evil at heart…

Judging everything based on your past experience is something we all do, but too many of us are insulated in one way of thinking. That is what got these girls killed. Diversity. Tolerance. Acceptance.

Misguided Empathy
Louisa Jespersen

These empty meaningless phrases that are thrown around by politicians and brainless sheep who do not question what they are told.

They don’t care about Europeans, no one cares as much as we do! They do not reciprocate this kindness and empathy we show them towards us, they only care about their own. This is the way of the world.

Maren and Louisa were brainwashed and there are unfortunately millions like these two among our people, innocent and unaware of the realities of the world, it’s ruthless nature.

Neoliberalism and Political Correctness KILL. Time and again Europeans have payed the price for our apathy, for our misguided virtue. Stop it!

Stop being tolerant! Stop accepting backwards cultures! Stop inviting your death, ruin and downfall!

These girls could have been your daughters, your nieces, your friends, your colleagues, your classmates…

Maren Ueland

The greatest danger that exists in the West right now is that we most of us have forgotten that Evil exists. That it always has and always will exist. There is no ‘end of history’ , there is no ‘war to end all wars’.

The world is a giant place filled with different people, customs and cultures. Most of which are ruthless and cutthroat and a few of which can be called civilised.

Civilisation is a precious thing which is incredibly difficult to create and maintain and we are THROWING IT AWAY!

Wake up, Europeans! There is no rainbow outside of Europe! You will never change anyone!

Look out for you own! Always! Always put your own kin, first! This is the way of nature! This is the way it has always been and always will be!

How many more innocents need to die for us to realise this!?

Will you continue to chase Pokemons while our thousands year old cultures die!?

Will we let our 4000 year long history of achievement vanish? Will we consider everyone equal? Will we tolerate the intolerable?

That’s what Lousia and Maren did. It wasn’t fully their fault. It was also ours.

A century ago when the European powers of the day held sway over all of Africa, if a non-European so much as tried to touch one of our women, they would be beaten into the ground.

This is the way they have reciprocated our kindness. Our tolerance, our acceptance.

This is the true face of diversity and multiculturalism.

The video has been taken down from Youtube and authorities are tracking it down and removing it in an effort to hide what the reality of the world is.

It is up on and can be found by searching for this title: ‘ 24 YEAR OLD DANISH FEMALE BACKPACKER IN MOROCCO MAKES FINAL TREK WITH BEHEADING (FULL) ‘

Fair warning, it’s… graphic. I encourage everyone to see the video in full as we at Defend Europa have. The reason why these atrocities keep happening is because we have forgotten that they can occur. And there are few better ways of seeing what our mistakes may bring about.

Share this, so we finally learn. Let’s stop this from happening.

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