Nordic Europeans Aren't True Whites [Updated 31.08.21]

Actually, northern and central Europeans, who make up the vast majority of Europeans, aren’t true whites like Turks, Berbers or Arabs. This might sound strange; after all, how are Middle Easterners more ‘white’ than the fairer complex Europeans? Well, ‘white’ is the generic term for the ‘Caucasian race’; there is no actual such race as ‘white’, any more than there is a ‘brown’ race, or a ‘yellow’ race.

According to a study, Europeans are less white the more northerly they are, with Southern Europeans being the most white. Northern Europeans have more Mongoloid genetics with Southern Europeans having more African admixture.1 North Africans and Arabians have a higher concentration of African admixture. 2

Having African admixture doesn’t mean these white populations race-mixed with sub-Saharan Africans. Caucasians and Negroids likely had a common ancestor. An archaic Caucasian skull from 300,000 years ago was found in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco,3 predating the one found in Omo Kibish, Ethiopia by more than 100,000 years, destroying the long held belief that Modern humans evolved in sub-Saharan Africa and migrated up the Nile and into Eurasia. If anything, this find in Ethiopia is proof of anatomically modern humans migrating into sub-Saharan Africa.4

This find in Morocco suggests that Caucasians split off either from Negroids or a common ancestor. The Sahara Desert becomes abundant with vegetation and lakes every 41,000 years in periods known as The African Humid Period. Naturally, the Sahara would be inhabited with animals more suited to green habitation and by archaic humans. Once the African Humid Period ends, the Sahara would revert back into a dry, uninhabitable desert, forcing the archaic humans out either to the south back into sub-Saharan Africa or north into the Maghreb. These humans may have evolved into Caucasians in order to adapt to the less accommodating habitat of the Maghreb.

White Hamitic Natives of Europe
The oldest modern human skull in Europe, dating 210,000 years ago (again predating the fossil in Omo Kibish) was found in southern Greece.5 Throughout the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages, Europe was dominated by whites belonging to the Hamitic sub-branch of the Caucasian race, known as Western Hunter-Gatherers (WHG) . In contrast to their dark complexions they mostly had blue eyes.6 The origin of blue eyes remain unknown (although it is speculated that it evolved around the Black Sea), but they are not exclusive to Europe; there are even sub-Saharan Africans with blue eyes. Blue eyes are the absence of pigments in the eyes and may have been advantageous in the shorter daylight hours of Europe. Today, blue eyes remain more common in northern Europe7.

Left, a Mesolithic Western Hunter-Gatherer (WHG) woman who lived in Europe, right, a modern Berber family

Europe’s New Arrivals
A new group called the Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers (EHG) emerged in Europe from the Mesolithic period. As their name suggests, EHG inhabited Eastern Europe and, in stark contrast to the Hamitic WHG, possessed the light complexion seen in modern Nordic Europeans. These EHG did not just ‘evolve’ their light skin and blond hair, if they did then the North American Inuits too should possess this light complexion. Rather, these light phenotypes were acquired from a source outside Europe in northern Eurasia. 8 The earliest evidence of blond hair was found in a mummy at Afontova Gora 3, in the Altai-Sayan region, Russia dating to 16,000 BCE,9 and evidence of light skin, and blond and red hair was found among more preserved mummies dating back at least to 2000 BCE in the Tarim Basin, northwest China.10 The EHG carried 75% admixture from a mysterious race that was neither Caucasian nor Mongoloid 11 known as the Ancient North Eurasians (ANE)12 from whom they got their ‘white’ complexion. The EHG migrated into Scandinavia where they interbred with the native WHG, creating a new group called the Scandinavian Hunter-Gatherers.13

It is important to note without prolonging this article and wandering off topic that the Neolithic pioneers of the Agricultural Revolution migrated from the Near East into Europe, gradually populating and vastly outnumbering the native WHG in much of the continent.

A map showing Ancient North Eurasian (ANE) ancestry; the redder the place, the richer the ANE ancestry

Another group with heavy ANE admixture 14 called the Yamnaya emerged in the Pontic-Caspian Steppes in the Bronze Age. The Yamnaya were nomadic herders who domesticated horses and travelled in mobile homes. Their high mobility allowed them to travel long distances and spread their Indo-European language and they travelled into mainland Europe where they conducted mass genocides against white males and bore children with white women, founding the Corded Ware Culture spanning central Europe. 15 16 17 The Yamnaya later conquered most of Western Europe,resuming their mass killing spree of the original white male inhabitants and establishing the Bell Beaker Culture.

Europe Today
It was through the Yamnaya that the Indo-European languages and ANE genetics (including red/blond hair and white complexion) spread throughout all of Europe. However, ANE admixture (the ‘Mongoloid’ admixture (as they had a common ancestor 18) mentioned in the first paragraph) increases more toward northern Europe while Middle Eastern admixture increases more towards southern Europe. This would suggest that southern Europe was more densely populated by the Middle Eastern farmers and that the Yamnaya had more limited success in conquering them. Modern Europeans are divided into three sub-races of the Caucasian race; the Nordic race of northern Europe where ANE admixture is at the highest, the Alpine race of central and southeastern Europe where ANE admixture is lower, and the Mediterranean race in southern Europe where ANE is minimal but the Middle Eastern farmer genes remain abundant,19 thus making them the last true Caucasians in Europe. ANE admixture is of course not limited to Europe and is found across Asia and among the native Amerindians. Middle Easterners and North Africans too have some ANE admixture, but is mainly mild compared to much of Europe. It’s true that ANE admixture is higher among Turks and Kurds than northern Europeans and is highest in the Caucasus region when excluding northern Siberia where it originates, but these populations also have a redeeming amount of Middle Eastern and African admixture.2 In contrast to Europeans, ANE genes are only rarely expressed in the populations of Anatolia and the Caucasus. Assuming that almost every Iranian is a carrier of ANE genetics, the combination of factors, the richer genetic diversity, and that ANE traits aren’t particularly advantageous in the said region as they are in most of Europe, (the drop in ANE admixture in Iranians by the Chalcolithic age is testament to this 20 21) means these ANE genetics are only seldom expressed in Iranians. For example, an Iranian may have several children; the majority of the siblings may possess dark complexions, but it is not uncommon for at least one of the siblings to possess light complexion in contrast to his/her siblings. It is also not uncommon for Iranian, and indeed Turkish or Kurdish familes, to have children who all look remarkably different from each other in apearance.

Northern Europeans have more egalitarian minds than southern Europeans.22 This mindstate may have been a survival mechanism for the ANE in the unforgiving habitat of northern Eurasia, but in the modern world it serves no other purpose but to drive them to voluntary extinction. Evidenced by their political history, northern Europeans gravitate towards Socialism. Their financial foreign aid have helped populations of lower IQ races unable to sustain themselves to explode; these populations would otherwise dwindle if left to their own devices. They also bring these lower IQ races to their countries en masse. A prime example is Britain where the demographics are shifting towards these races and the natives are projected to become a minority by the end of the 21st Century.23 Betrayed simply by their natural disposition to altruistic suicide as part of the process of natural selection, the Nordic, followed closely by the Alpine, Europeans will gradually drive themselves to extinction.

Two Mongoloid Uralic women, one blond and the other red-haired, both fair skinned
A Native American girl. Note the Mongoloid eyes and large incisors, common traits in Northern Europeans. It remains unknown why the epicanthic fold evolved in humans, but is likely to have evolved to protect the eyes from windstorms, which are common in the Gobi Desert and Siberia
A Mongolian girl with blond hair

10 thoughts on “Nordic Europeans Aren't True Whites [Updated 31.08.21]

  1. Ancient North Eurasians are not Mongoloids, you retard. They are genetically West-Eurasian. And there is no such thing as “white-hamitics”, Western Hunther Gatherers has nothing to do with Berbers.


    1. Ancient North Eurasians may have started off as West-Eurasian but they have interbred exponentially over time with Mongoloid populations as the latter gradually moved into their lands. Modern Nordic Europeans have a degree of Mongoloid admixture.

      Also I am noting possible Denisovan admixture in Ancient North Eurasian. Denisovans originate from southern Siberia, same place where the genes for red and blond hair originate from. Blond hair is also prevalent in Australian Aboriginals, who have Denisovan admixture. Maybe there is a connection? That is my hypothesis but I will research into it further.


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